Here’s what our customers have to say about Books to Millions®.

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP, Founder of The Independent Clinician and the Creator of the Start & Grow Your Private Practice Programs

Cheli is the absolute, ideal coach. Always smiling, always warm, always on your side, always positive but also always professional, clear, constructive, knowledgeable, and motivating. She kept me on track in the kindest ways and being in a group of writers is an added bonus as we shared, supported and learned from each other too.

Cheli helped me with a system, a structure, how to make the chapters work, what was necessary, what wasn’t. At times it was really hard to keep writing and keep going but Cheli was always there encouraging and spurring me on and now my book is done. I’m so proud of myself and so grateful to Cheli. My dream has come true and my book is published and out there for all to see and read – and now I’m thinking about writing another one!

If you have a book inside you too, I can’t recommend working with Cheli enough. She will help you bring your dream to life in the most delightful, professional, and fun way and I know I would not have manifested mine without her.

Charya Hilton, Master Coach and Hypnotherapist, Author: Crack Your Compulsive Eating Code
I enjoyed working with Cheli to create my second book. She is an expert in helping you take your book from an idea in your head to actual reality. Within 20 minutes she had my entire book outlined and aligned with my business. She takes your vision and makes it scalable for your business. I immediately saw a return on the VIP program she helped me create that was complimentary to the book. It’s so easy, any one can write a book with the help of Cheli. Cheli is practical, fun to work with, and gets you the results you want. I highly recommend working with her.
Dawn Santoriello, CFP®, Author: Manifest and Invest: Live Your Best Life, Get Your Money Right

Hi, I’m Gwen Peterson and this is my book Insights & Illuminations. I worked with Cheli Grace on this book and I’ll tell you what, it was a little overwhelming at the beginning because I really didn’t know what I was doing. That’s why I chose to work with her and she held my hand all the way through. It was a stressful time but she kept a level head kept my head level and we just worked through it. I love the cover. I love how it turned out. Everything was amazing. Thank you!

Gwen Peterson, Author: Insights & Illuminations


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