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Jumpstart Program

Here’s How To Use Your Knowledge To Write Your Bestselling Book FAST…

Even if you aren’t technically savvy or consider yourself a writer.
Using AI as a Writing Assistant

So…you can: Make More Money, Get More Clients
and Scale Your Business

Inside the Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart, you’ll discover how to use your knowledge and expertise to write a book fast so you can make your marketing easy, get ideal clients and scale your business.

  • Are you an Entrepreneur running a business?
  • Are you transitioning from your career into entrepreneurship and want to capitalize on your hard-earned knowledge and expertise?
  • Are you a Teacher, or Instructor and want to leverage your knowledge?
  • Are you a Coach who specializes in life, business, health, or another coaching niche?
  • Are you a Consultant that provides strategic advice, guidance, or solutions to clients?
  • Are you a Skilled Professional seeking to establish yourself as an industry thought leader?

In essence, if you’re driven to share your knowledge, insights, and experiences with the world while leveraging the power of a book to attract clients, enhance your brand, and tap into new revenue streams, the ‘Book to Millions Jumpstart Program’ is your pathway to success.

What’s Included?

THE SECRET: Write Your Book – it can be easier than you think!

The Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program is a transformative journey that will revolutionize your business and unleash your true potential.

In this groundbreaking program, you’ll discover how to harness the power of your knowledge and leverage cutting-edge AI technology to create a book that not only resonates with your audience but also becomes a key driver of your business growth.

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book but felt held back by the belief that you’re not a writer?

…You’re not alone.

I was there too…

I found myself struggling to find the right words.

I spent endless hours staring at a blank page feeling lost, not knowing where to begin.

But now…you can say “goodbye” to that blank page.

it’s never been easier to write a book….

Using AI powered tools and systems you can equip yourself to overcome these barriers that previously added months or years in getting the book written and done.

I did eventually finish my first book with the help of coaches and experts.

I not only learned how to write but how to market and I learned from some of the best in the industry, including,

….Jack Canfield!

The Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

Sharing knowledge is what Jack is all about. He empowered me and so many others.

Hear what Jack had to say.

I’m Jack Canfield, you probably know me as the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the author of the success principles, and featured teacher of the movie, The Secret. I’m here with my friend Cheli Grace, who is an amazing coach, consultant, trainer, teacher, and entrepreneur. If you’re thinking about possibly hiring her to work with you, the work she does is really profound. She works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, anyone that has expertise that wants to get it out into the world.

Her 90-day program is really successful for people that want to write a book. She teaches you everything you need to know to brand yourself and build a platform over time starting locally going nationally she has done this for herself. She has written seven books, all of which have been very successful. 

I just want to encourage you, go to her website,, call her on the phone, do whatever you need to do, and get in touch with her and she can help you get your work out there. And not only not only get your work out there and help you be more successful, help you reach more people have more impact, but also feel more fulfillment in life because we’re all here for a purpose. She can help you clarify what that purpose is and how to take it and put a put a frame around it so you can share it in a way that people understand it and monetize it so you can actually make money out of it as well. Make sure you go there and learn more about her. She’s great. 

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series, New York Times Bestselling Author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur.
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I self-published my first book and started sharing it with others discovering the untapped potential that a book has as a powerful marketing tool!

Readers started reaching out to me to ask about my services.

The book continued to bring in eager clients who happily paid top dollar for my coaching and consulting services so…I took on a partner and we created a series of 6 books that were published by Wiley. I became a national media expert, professional speaker and ultimately scaled my business to 7-figures.

The best marketing tool for a business is a book.

Is a book part of your marketing plan?

I created the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program to empower you with a structured, step-by-step interactive approach that brings your book idea to life.

With your book in hand, you’ll gain instant credibility in your industry, elevating your status as a thought leader and influencer. Your ideal clients will flock to you, eager to work with someone who has showcased their knowledge, experience, and insights in a tangible, timeless form.

But wait, there’s more!

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Your journey doesn’t end with writing your book; it’s just the beginning. As you embark on this 90-day adventure, you’ll uncover the strategic secrets to monetizing your book and turning it into a lucrative marketing machine.

As part of The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program, you’ll receive our proven 5-Star Book Funnel that will supercharge your efforts to attract and convert your ideal clients.

Imagine generating passive income through book sales, securing high-paying speaking engagements, and attracting premium clients who see immense value in working with you.

Meet some of our Book to Millions® Authors!

“Thank you so much, Cheli for this service – it is incredible! It is worth it. If you’re on the fence about working with Cheli and her team, she’s incredible and will help you have a book that you are excited about, are proud of and can get in the hands of whoever the people that you serve are. Hire Cheli, she’s incredible.”

“I’m Jena Castro-Casbon and I am a speech language pathologist who helps speech language pathologists and occupational therapists build successful private practices. I’ve been wanting to turn my knowledge and experience into a book for several years. But organization is not my strong suit and being accountable to myself has always been a challenge. I knew that if I wanted to actually complete a book, I needed to hire someone to help me do it. I was introduced to Cheli Grace, and we connected right away.

She was so supportive, so kind and just had a wealth of knowledge. She had wonderful milestones along the way, we met on a weekly basis, which was key for me to get the book done. There’s literally no way that I could navigate this on my own, because I’m running a big company. Once we published, we reached number one bestseller status in all of the categories. That was important for me to rank number one! I’m an Amazon Best Seller, thanks to Cheli. Otherwise, this book would just still be in my head and who knows when I would have ever gotten it done. Two weeks into the book being published we had already sold I think 450 copies, which I’m pretty happy with. Not only have we sold those copies, but I also have a program that this book leads into and we’ve started having sales of the program from the book.

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP, Founder The Independent Clinician and the Creator of the Start & Grow Your Private Practice Programs
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I enjoyed working with Cheli to create my second book. She is an expert in helping you take your book from an idea in your head to actual reality. Within 20 minutes she had my entire book outlined and aligned with my business. She takes your vision and makes it scalable for your business. I immediately saw a return on the VIP program she helped me create that was complimentary to the book. It’s so easy, anyone can write a book with the help of Cheli. Cheli is practical, fun to work with, and gets you the results you want. I highly recommend working with her.

Dawn Santoriello, CFP®, Author: Manifest and Invest: Live Your Best Life, Get Your Money Right
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Cheli is the absolute ideal coach. She helped me with a system, a structure, how to make the chapters work, what was necessary, what wasn’t. At times it was really hard to keep writing and keep going but Cheli was always there encouraging and spurring me on and now my book is done. I’m so proud of myself and so grateful to Cheli. My dream has come true and my book is published and out there for all to see and read – and now I’m thinking about writing another one!

Charya Hilton, Master Coach and Hypnotherapist, Author: Crack Your Compulsive Eating Code
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These success stories are just the beginning.

The knowledge and expertise industry is projected to soar to a staggering $1 trillion by 2028.

The question is, will you be among those capitalizing on this immense opportunity?

Imagine creating your book, a book that positions you as the go-to expert in your industry, magnetically drawing in your target audience and opening doors to new opportunities.

Now more than ever – a book is a ‘must-have’ as part of your marketing plan.

AI will completely disrupt the knowledge industry in the next several years. Books will be published, and businesses will be built faster than at any other time in history….

Experts Predict the Knowledge Industry is a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity and Will Continue to Grow

Monetize Your Expertise: Unleash Your Full Potential!

As the world increasingly values knowledge and expertise, publishing a book is your gateway to tapping into this booming industry. Don’t miss your chance to attract high-paying clients, establish yourself as a thought leader, grace prestigious stages, and become an authority in your niche.

Will you jump in or be left on the sidelines?

In The Book to Millions® Jumpstart 90-Day Program, you won’t be navigating this journey alone. We are here to help you every step of the way, providing personalized guidance, constructive feedback, and unwavering support. You’ll also become part of a dynamic community of like-minded peers, fostering collaboration and accountability that drives you to succeed.

These on-demand interactive training modules are easy-to-follow with step-by-step course materials, templates, and resources. Once you sign-up you will receive information with your username and password to access the Virtual Book School™ where you will have lifetime access to this course and all of the materials, so you are able to review or refer to them at any time.

TWO ways to get this life changing Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart. You can choose Fully Self Directed, or Guided Cohort, whichever best suits your needs:

Here’s Exactly what you’ll get inside of the Fully Self Directed Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program:

Gain exclusive live time access to the comprehensive Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program, now offered through our dynamic online training portal! Immerse yourself in a wealth of resources and step-by-step modules designed to catapult your book from concept to bestseller status. These Modules are all live and you can work on them exactly at your own pace starting today!

Here’s what’s included in your Online Training Package:

Lifetime Access to the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program (Value: $5,000)

  • Module 1: The Mindset of a Bestseller

    We begin by laying the foundation for your Book to Millions® Jumpstart Journey. We empower you so you can eliminate fear and self-doubt and tap into the value you provide. A bestseller mindset is about acting and knowing that there is someone just waiting to read your book to learn from your knowledge and expertise and ultimately become a client.

  • Module 2: Write Your Bestseller

    We empower you to kickstart your writing journey by gathering and organizing existing content, leveraging personal experiences, and conducting research to lay the foundation for your manuscript. With the aid of AI tools, you’ll harness creativity and establish a strong book framework to guide your writing process. Craft an engaging title, a captivating book description, and a personalized writing plan to ensure a focused and successful writing experience.

  • Module 3: Edit and Publish Your Bestseller

    Learn how to elevate your book to professional standards by exploring various publishing options. You will learn the art of self-editing your first draft and how to find and collaborate effectively with an editor to polish your manuscript. The importance of book design and creating a captivating title and author bio.

  • Module 4: Market Your Bestseller

    Discover the Book to Millions® Method to monetize your book using the 5-Star Book Funnel System, unlocking boundless opportunities to boost your book’s visibility. Get ready to reap the rewards of your hard work and turn your book into a profitable marketing tool in your business.

  • Module 5: Monetize Your Bestseller

    Create a sustainable marketing machine with the Book to Millions® Method. Your book serves as an entry point, showcasing your expertise and value while creating a path that brings in the right clients. As readers resonate with the book’s content, they’re enticed to explore further resources or services you provide. Transform book readers into raving fans and loyal clients by using your book to establish yourself as an expert and trusted authority.

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Receive These Special Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: “AI as Your Writing Assistant” with AI Tools and Prompt Resource Library (Value: $2000)

    Discover the world of AI and learn how to make AI your writing assistant by leveraging tools to make writing your book fast, easy, and fun. The AI Tools and Prompt Resource Library will provide you with the much-needed information to find what works best for you as you create and write your book quickly in your own voice and style.

  • Bonus #2: “Secrets to Bestseller Status” Book Launch Kit ($1000 Value)

    Catapult your book to the top of the charts by harnessing the proven methods that transform authors into bestsellers. This step-by-step system will provide you with all of your pre-launch strategies and powerful marketing techniques to launch your book with ease. The expertly crafted resources and templates will help you achieve a successful book launch as you create a team of raving fans to promote you and ignite your book into bestseller status.

  • Bonus #3: Your Author Authority Bio ($1000 )

    Develop a great author bio that leaves a lasting impression.  This exercise and resource will help you highlight your unique experience and expertise to engage and inspire your readers. A great author bio is key to marketing your book and positioning yourself as an Author Authority.

  • Bonus #4: “5-Star Book Funnel Formula“ Virtual Workshop ($2,000)

    Strategically create a path that turns your readers into clients with our proven step-by-step formula. This interactive workshop will walk you through every step of creating your book funnel. Come prepared to unleash your creativity and start the funnel formula. Resources and tech tools will be provided prior to the workshop.

Here’s Exactly what you’ll get inside of the Fully Guided Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program:

ALL of the above Self Directed Courses, with immediate access so you can take advantage of working ahead and bringing your pressing questions and concerns to the guided sessions.

ALSO included is:

  • 12 weeks of interactive group coaching sessions ($6000 value)

    Accelerate your progress and make sure you are fully supported as you implement the step-by-step Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program. These group coaching, mentoring and guidance calls are with Cheli Grace personally. They are designed to answer your questions, provide personalized feedback and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. These weekly sessions are approximately 90 minutes on Zoom and are recorded so you can watch the video or listen to the audio for any LIVE session you miss.

  • Bonus #5: Weekly Writing Power Hour ($3000 value)

    Join our Weekly Writing Power Hour! Dive into focused, distraction-free writing sessions with dedicated time each week. These weekly power hours will be 60 minutes in length the dates and times will be provided once the course begins.

  • Bonus #6: How to Publish A Book on Amazon (Step By Step Guide) ($495 value)

    In this video training you will learn how to self-publish your book on Amazon with a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process and shares best practices to navigate one of the largest publishing platforms in the world!

The total value of the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program, which includes lifetime access to the Online Training Modules and resources, the Live 12-Week Training, and the 6 Special Bonuses is $20,495

So which method works best for your Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart?

Self Directed

Guided Cohort

The comprehensive Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program, with a wealth of resources and step-by-step modules designed to catapult your book from concept to bestseller status. For those who are real get-it-done action takers and just want the methodology to get your book published and make money.

What’s Included:

1. Lifetime Access to the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program (Value: $5,000)

Explore five modules at your own pace:

– Module 1: The Mindset of a Bestseller

– Module 2: Write Your Bestseller

– Module 3: Edit and Publish Your Bestseller

– Module 4: Market Your Bestseller

– Module 5: Monetize Your Bestseller

Special Bonuses:

– Bonus #1: “AI as Your Writing Assistant” with AI Tools and Prompt Resource Library (Value: $2000)

– Bonus #2: “Secrets to Bestseller Status” Book Launch Kit ($1000 Value)

– Bonus #3: Your “Author Authority” Bio ($1000)

– Bonus #4: “5-Star Book Funnel Formula“ Virtual Workshop ($2,000)

Total value: $11,000

Access all materials, unleash your creativity, and transform your book into a powerful marketing tool—all within the comfort of our online training portal!

The extraordinary Guided Book to Millions® 90-Day Jumpstart Program. A seamlessly integrated experience that combines the best of both worlds—live training calls and an exclusive online training portal. Perfect for the busy executive who wants the feedback, personalized guidance, and accountability in a dynamic learning environment. Accelerate your progress with unwavering support at every step.

What’s Included:

1. Lifetime Access to the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program (Value: $5,000) Immediate ACCESS so you can start the work today!

Explore five modules at your own pace:

– Module 1: The Mindset of a Bestseller

– Module 2: Write Your Bestseller

– Module 3: Edit and Publish Your Bestseller

– Module 4: Market Your Bestseller

– Module 5: Monetize Your Bestseller

2. Participate in the LIVE Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program with Cheli Grace (Value: $6,000) Next live Cohort Starts January 9, 2024

12 weeks of live group coaching, mentoring, and guidance, with recordings for you to get it done NOW.

Special Bonuses:

– Bonus #1: “AI as Your Writing Assistant” with AI Tools and Prompt Resource Library (Value: $2000)

– Bonus #2: “Secrets to Bestseller Status” Book Launch Kit ($1000 Value)

– Bonus #3: Your “Author Authority” Bio ($1000)

– Bonus #4: “5-Star Book Funnel Formula“ Virtual Workshop ($2,000)

– Bonus #5: Weekly Writing Power Hour ($3000 value)

– Bonus #6: How to Publish A Book on Amazon (Step By Step Guide) ($495 value)

Your total value: $20,495

Experience the synergy of live interaction and the flexibility of online learning. Attend the live calls, access the online portal at your convenience, and transform your book into a powerful tool with the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program.

The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program, will fill up fast so pick your payment option today!

Self directed

  • 3 payments of $397.00

Guided Cohort

  • 6 payments of $397.00

What makes the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Different?

Anyone can teach you how to write a book, but what sets the Book to Millions® Jumpstart apart:

Designed exclusively for coaches, consultants, professionals, entrepreneurs, and teachers, our program speaks directly to your unique needs.

Unlike other programs, we leverage the power of AI to swiftly generate prompts, transform your thoughts, and refine your writing, eliminating the frustrating “blank page syndrome” that often halts your progress.

Beyond writing, we guide you through the entire process – from publishing to marketing and monetization. Our comprehensive curriculum empowers you to unleash the full potential of your book, driving tangible results.

Benefit from personalized guidance by an industry professional. We have experience and a proven track record of turning books into thriving businesses, ensuring you receive insights tailored to your goals.

Our structured program optimizes efficiency without compromising quality, propelling you forward faster than traditional methods.

Don’t let this unparalleled opportunity pass you by. The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program is your gateway to writing, publishing, marketing, and monetizing a book that can truly transform your business.

Secure your spot today and embark on a 90-day journey that will propel you to new heights of success.

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The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program is your key to unlocking the door to a future of boundless opportunities. Embrace this transformative journey and witness the incredible impact it will have on your business and life.

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Here are some questions you may have…

Frequently Asked Questions

Now is not a good time for me, will you offer the program again?2023-08-15T18:28:25+00:00

Most likely…but…this program will not be offered again until 2024. What most people do is they don’t wait for a whole year, or more they sign up now and lock in the current price and all of the bonuses and start going through the program when it’s convenient for them.

Our members feel safe joining now because they know they’ll have lifetime access to the program, and they can start going through it whenever they want.

Do I have to complete the program within a certain amount of time?2023-08-15T18:28:03+00:00

You get lifetime access to the online training and bootcamp session recordings which means you’ll have all of the resources at your fingertips wherever you need them.

When are the Live Book to Millions® Jumpstart Sessions?2023-08-15T18:27:35+00:00

Our weekly interactive LIVE sessions will begin September 12th @ 2:00 pm Eastern Time and will continue weekly each Tuesday for 12 weeks! You will work alongside Cheli Grace and team and all of your fellow Jumpstart participants. The calls last for approximately 90 minutes. We will do breakout sessions, implementation, and coaching.

There will be an open Q&A at the end of every Session so you can receive feedback and get your questions answered each week.

I’m not very good with technology, can I still benefit from this program?2023-08-15T18:25:43+00:00

There is no need to worry. The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program is designed with you in mind. We built our program with technology that is easy to follow, and anyone can use.

I Don’t have a huge email list or following is this program right for me?2023-08-15T18:25:03+00:00

The Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program is dedicated to setting you up with the skills, tactics, and tools for successfully writing, publishing, marketing, and monetizing your knowledge and expertise to the world. We will guide you through the steps to start attracting your ideal clients, create your own community and grow your business.

I don’t know what I want to write about I have so much to share…is this program for me?2023-08-15T18:22:50+00:00

YES, this is for you! It’s important to remember that you don’t need to have all the answers right now. We guide you step-by-step and make you feel confident with what you are going to write about and who you are going to share it with.

Who is this Program NOT for:2023-08-15T18:22:28+00:00
  • Those Unwilling to Learn: The program requires active participation and dedication. If you’re not willing to invest time and effort into following the process, this might not be the right fit.
  • Those Seeking Overnight Success or Instant Results: While the program accelerates your progress, writing, publishing, and building a brand takes time. If you’re seeking immediate results without the dedication required, it might not meet your expectations.
  • People Without a Clear Passion or Expertise: The program is designed for individuals with specific knowledge or passion they want to share. If you lack a clear topic or drive, the program might not provide the intended benefits.
Who is the ‘Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program for:2023-08-15T18:21:48+00:00
  • Entrepreneurs: Whether you’re a startup founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, a well-crafted book can position you as an industry thought leader, attracting clients, partnerships, and media attention.
  • Coaches and Consultants: Whether you’re a life coach, business consultant, or health expert, this program is tailored to amplify your impact by transforming your expertise into a compelling book.
  • Educators and Teachers: Educators can leverage their expertise to create educational resources or guidebooks, creating new income streams, expanding their reach beyond the classroom and establishing themselves as leaders in their field. 
  • Professionals Seeking Growth: Whether shifting careers or looking to stand out in your field, our program helps you create a book that sets you apart and accelerates your career trajectory.
  • Professionals in Transition: If you’re transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship or seeking to establish authority in your field, this program guides you through the process of crafting a powerful book to elevate your brand.
  • Motivated Writers: Even if you’ve never considered yourself a writer, our program empowers you to overcome the writing barrier and turn your knowledge into a book that can open doors to new opportunities and revenue streams.

Here’s a Summary of Everything You’ll Receive When you Join the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Guided Cohort Program Today

  • Lifetime Access to the Proven Step-By-Step Book to Millions Jumpstart Program. ($5,000 value)

  • Coaching Guidance and Support from Cheli Grace in the 12-week LIVE Interactive Book to Millions® Jumpstart Program. The calls are weekly and the Jumpstart Program only runs quarterly. ($6,000 value).
  • Bonus #1:  “AI as Your Writing Assistant” with  AI Tools and Prompt Resource Library              (Value: $2000)

  • Bonus #2: “Secrets to Bestseller Status” Book Launch Kit ($1000 Value)

  • Bonus #3: Your “Author Authority” Bio ($1000)

  • Bonus #4: “5-Star Book Funnel Formula” Virtual Workshop ($2,000)

  • Bonus #5: Weekly Writing Power Hour ($3000 value)

You’ll Also Receive this Special BONUS that we just added…

How to Publish A Book on Amazon (Step By Step Guide) ($495 value)

In this video training you will learn how to self-publish your book on Amazon with a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process and shares best practices to navigate one of the largest publishing platforms in the world!


The total dollar value of the Book to Millions® Jumpstart Online Training, the 12 Week LIVE Interactive Classes, and the 6 Bonuses is over…


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